MnM Gaming

(Molotovs and Marshmallows)

MnM is a team that launched in the UK on Jan 1st 2014 as an eSports Organisation where opportunity was the core idea. We believe that opportunity is the foundation for improvement and new experiences in all aspects of life. We hope to provide passionate players with the means to expand on their skill and experience in gaming.

In late 2014, SK Sports took MnM on as it’s first venture into eSports believing MnM to share it’s core ideals with the SK Philosophy. Since then MnM has grown beyond both founder’s expectations having had 6 first place finishes to date.


We carry out beliefs throughout all sections of SK and opportunity is one of the core beliefs in SK and in particular, SK Sports. eSports is an emerging industry where chances to make it big are limited. We hope MnM and SK Sports will give players that stepping stone for that chance.

Notable Achievements Notable Achievements

  • 1 ESL Premiership Season 5 LoL

  • 2 ESL Premiership Season 5 CSGO

  • 1 epic.LAN 20 Hearthstone

  • 2 Multiplay Insomnia 59 LoL

  • 2 UK Masters Season 2 LoL

  • 1 ESLUK Premiership Season 4 LoL

  • 1 ESLUK Premiership Season 4 CSGO

  • 2 ESLUK Premiership Season 4 Overwatch

  • 1 Multiplay Insomnia 58 LoL

  • 6 eSports World Cup Paris 2015

  • 2 NetParty Fyn Denmark 2015

  • 2 ESL Championship Series 15 Playoffs