Our "Wellbeing Eating" Philosophy
Our Humble Beginning

- Established since 1979 in Preston before moving to Southport as our permanent home in 1984. A humble beginning founded by our forefather who simply just loved good food. Believing in “food with no boundaries”, it is our mindset that governs these boundaries. Now an imbedded DNA in our heritage.

Our Heritage

- Inheriting the foundations laid down from our forefather, those boundaries continue to evolve with adoption of culinary cultures with an open mind. Believing food is a culinary melting pot from different cultures continuously evolving with time. Fusion is nothing new, it has been with us since cavemen started to cook with fire. With more cultural integration, the more culinary evolved we will become.

The SK Story

- Simon took this evolution further, adapting more culinary fusion into the family heritage. Naming it Straits Kitchen, the straits that connects you to our kitchen of evolution. In 2009 the Southport shop introduced the first phase of “food with no boundaries”. In 2012 branching out to Hong Kong, the home of our forefather. Beginning with our natural products before opening our first restaurant in 2017.


- From our heritage set in stone, our identity continues to evolve through culinary evolution. Like a child with an open mind attending school for the first time. Our ethos of “food with no boundaries”, embracing evolution to cultivate new culinary horizon. An iconic sharing with our Hong Kong customers, a British norm of adding soya sauce to the well love sweet and sour dish. Something unimaginable by the locals, now adopted by them because it is brilliantly good. Who would have thought this culinary amalgamation came from our British heritage being exported to back to its origin.

The Future

- Through culinary evolution and collective knowledge. We will continue to innovate and expand our menu to offer more diverse culinary landscape. Whether is Oriental or Japanese, British or South Asian, Mediterranean or American, it will be executed with an SK twist. We will never know where evolution may take us, we could soon be serving sweet and sour chorizo or even a Japanese Teppanyaki pasta. Watch out for something unexpected,keep an open mind or even share something with us, and be a part of our journey.

Superlative Gastronomy

- Simply striding for quality, offering gourmet food at the convenience of your own home. The same standard we set ourselves from the everyday essentials to our gourmet range. From outdoor reared pork down to our free range chicken dashi. Whether is the end of day essential meal or a celebratory feast, the same superlative standard will always be applied.

Everyday Essential

- Applying the same quality in our everyday essential, from oversize king prawns, free range chicken, outdoor reared pork and down to the use of free range chicken stock. Our bedrock superlative standard adding your everyday essential with a premium touch.

Gourmet Range

- Whether it’s rewarding yourself after long hard week or hosting a celebratory event. Our extensive premium ingredient list includes the 28 days Scottish dry aged beef, 100% Iberico bellota jamon, outdoor reared duck, wild scallops, seabass, lobster and squid. An affordable luxury can now be enjoyed frequently in the convenience of your own home.