SK Lobster Glace

The crown jewels for that pinnacle touch.

SK Lobster Glace
The crown jewels
The crown jewels

The king of seafood for its luxurious sweet taste and texture. Our lobster glace is exquisite, filled with a lively vibrant sea breeze aroma revealing layers and layers of lobster nectar vitalising it as the crown jewels.

The crowning moments

This glace is naturally brilliant and versatile, it will make your pasta fit for a king, lift your prawns to stardom, infuse your risotto with sea cream, dress your salad with elegance and propel your noodle soup to cloud nine.

The crowning moments
Natural Food Provenance
Natural Food Provenance

What's Inside

    Lobster Stock (Water, Lobster (Crustacean) Extract, Tomato, Carrot Juice),
  • Fish Stock (Water, Fish Extract),
  • Mussel Stock (Water, Mussel (Mollusc) Extract),
  • Maltodextrin, Salt,
  • Sunflower Oil,
  • Yeast Extracts,
  • Natural Flavouring,
  • Spice Extract.

Allergen Advice
    For allergens, see ingredients in bold.
Directions for Use
    For stock use 30g of glace per litre of boiling water.

Storage Instructions
    Refrigerate after opening.
Gluten Free
      Product: #R005
    • Weight:600g

    Scrumptious Luxury