Ambassadorship Club

Whether you're an avid home cooker or looking to bring healthier food to your business, the club is a place for everybody.

About the club

This is an exclusive free ambassadorship club for both domestic and commercial peers. A multi category membership scheme designed for the benefit of club members. Whether your membership is private or professional, the privileges will be enjoyed equally. From the club’s dedicated natural food advisor to the interactive recipe platform, this is a premium concierge service free to all club members.

For our elite peers who wish to do more, we invite friends like you to become ambassadors in helping us to deliver our natural ideology. An invaluable moral alliance to achieve our goal in connecting more people like you to our natural philosophy. A role with significant importance and a part that can only be played by friends of SK. As our ambassadors you have the vested power to decay this reprehensible trend of using artificial flavour enhancers. With the utmost sincerity we will extend your membership privilege with our ethical reward, as our way to say thank you for your priceless work.

Wine Club Photo

SK's wine club is exclusively for our Ambassadorship club members, where privileges extend beyond the norm through the club's educational activities, reiterating the importance of the legal and social responsibilities. With guidance from our sommelier to experience the enjoyment and the health benefits food with wine can bring. Most importantly the club's manifesto is to serve members with rewarding privileges.

One of those privileges comes from our established relationships with international wine distributors and négociant. Where we have been handed an opportunity to distribute their portfolio of wines in Hong Kong. To coincide with the club's manifesto the wine distribution will form part of SK's wine club. This utilises our position to benefit members to acquire fine wines at cost. The rewarding privilege is exclusive to club members.


SK's Social Golf Club

SK's social golf club is part of the wider Ambassadorship Club. It is exclusive for club members who wish to participate in the social activities associated with golf, whether competing in the club's competitions to participating in charity events. Our ambassador Tommy Fleetwood supports our social golf club making it one of a kind.

Tommy Fleetwood

Professional Golfer

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