Our Story

Mirroring SK’s Ethos, the shoots for SK Sport began back in 2002 where our founder assisted an underprivileged talented golfer to realise his dream. As a non profit making arm of SK Corporation Limited, the aim is to help individuals who have a dream to be the best in their chosen sports. From one end of the spectrum this can be funding very talented youngsters in their chosen field to building sports or academic academies providing specialised scholarship places for the less fortunate helping them to realise their dream.

The architect of that success is Tommy Fleetwood a very talented golfer for whom SK Sport assisted a programme to meet Tommy’s portfolio requirement since the age of 11. Now Tommy is one of the top professional golfer on the European Tour, confirming our beliefs and ethos inspiring our desire to go further in helping more people like Tommy.

The Beginning

After the turn of the new millennium a single event led our Founder, Simon, to structure an organisation (now known as SK Sport) to support a very talented youngster in realising his dream. It was on a cold January evening on a driving range in a small town called Southport where that event happened. Simon crossed the paths with an 11 year old boy named Tommy Fleetwood along with his father Peter and mother Sue. It all derived from a state of the art driver supposedly not available on the market, that both Tommy and Simon possessed.

In a conversation with Simon, Tommy’s father explained how the lifetime dream of young Tommy had always been to become the world No. 1 golfer and how they had struggled to overcome the disappointment of empty promises of help and other setbacks. Without hesitation Simon shook Peter’s hand and offered to help Tommy attain his dream. This chance meeting changed the life of Tommy and his family and gave Tommy a real opportunity of fulfilling his dream.

SK Sports – From Golf To Esport

Golf is the foundation of SK Sport, it was that chance meeting with Tommy that made SK Sport possible. As the company evolved, in 2015 SK Sport was formed from working with the Esports organisation MnM  (Molotovs and Marshmallows), with the founder Kalvin working closely with SK Sports. Traditionally Esports has been viewed as a crazy phenomena where players are negatively seen by society. With stereotyping by outsiders the misunderstood perception has led them to believe that Esports is unhealthy and mind twisting.

Kalvin believes that one day Esports will become as big as football or golf. His foremost concern is that players are suffering the effects from an unbalanced diet. He understands Esports requires more mental agility than other physical sports put together. Eating or drinking the wrong food will have a detrimental effect on their ability to perform in the highest possible consistency. Secondly most of the players in Esports lack the resources or experience to manage their own professional team which ultimately places them at a disadvantaged position. Our aim is to assist players to obtain a consistent optimum mind competing against the best to be the best and managing their commercial portfolio.

With our field knowledge we have the ability to apply SK’s ethos into their lives so players like him can benefit from our Natural Eating Philosophy and to enable players to realise their dream. Esports is becoming an increasing global phenomenon where it is beginning to be featured on TV broadcasts such as the BBC. We have been given an opportunity to work with the sport demonstrating Esports has a greater complexity than what meets the eye.